Vervana Taco Night Essentials

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How do you prefer your tacos…mild, with a little kick of heat, or very hot and spicy? 

The base of my tacos is always my Mexican Spice Blend, a delectable mix of Mexican spices that delivers all the flavors you crave in a single jar. Combined with one of my Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils, the taco meat comes out bursting with delicious flavor. For those of you that like some heat, consider using my Jalapeño-Garlic Olive Oil for an extra kick of heat and garlic-y flavor. And for extreme heat-lovers, my Blazing Habanero Olive Oil packs quite the punch (make sure you’re ready for mouth-on-fire hot!). Using my different Olive Oil flavors will give you a new taco experience each time, so try them all to find your favorite and enjoy the most delicious and heart-healthy tacos around!

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