Pure, unrefined salt blend

No anti-caking or bleaching agents

Variety of trace minerals

3 Types of all-natural salt

Natural Salt Blend

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3.8oz (107g)

I love this mouthwatering natural salt blend because it melds together different types of salts from around the world, including pink Himalayan salt, Pacific sea salt, and French sel gris (gray salt). This gourmet salt blend adds essential trace minerals and an elemental finish to any hearty meal, and comes with a handy grinder. Free of any anti-caking agents or other chemicals, it is truly an all-natural salt blend that shines as a finishing salt, and is terrific over chicken, fish, vegetables, and freshly sliced beef!

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1 review for Natural Salt Blend

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hall Starr

    My wife wants this for Christmas. She is not a salt lover but the free sample we were sent she really wouldn’t share, I did get to taste it on the halibut and it was very light yet somehow enhanced flavor in the $30 a pound fish that I brought home. We’ve tried the Himalayan salt from Trader Joes but this blend is much more impactful without feeling heavy. Thank you Marchann for sending us a free sample!

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