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Raw Honey


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1 lb glass jar

One of the many reasons that I consider raw honey to be one of my favorite sweeteners is because it comes to us in its purest form – unprocessed and directly from nature. Depending on the flowers from which it is made, raw honey may contain an array of B-vitamins and essential minerals, as well as polyphenol antioxidants and amino acids, making it a high vibrational, superfood sweetener. Pasteurizing honey at high temperatures, then filtering it – as most commercial honeys are processed, can destroy many of these nutrients, which is why raw or unprocessed honey offers the most benefits. 

Gleaned respectfully from Connecticut hives, this rich, amber-colored, raw honey makes a healthier addition to tea or coffee than sugar, and can be used to sweeten homemade dressings, specialty appetizers, desserts and more. Remember – though honey contains many nutrients your body needs, it’s still a sugar, so less is more if you want the raw honey benefits. You can truly taste and feel the difference raw, unprocessed makes.

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