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Olive Oil Connoisseur Gift Set


Olive Oil Connoisseur Gift Set includes:

  • Vervana Koroneiki Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 375 ml bottle. Made by cold-pressing organic Koroneiki olives in small batches, this rich, robust olive oil is smooth, herbaceous, and slightly bitter with notes of fresh grass and green banana. It finishes in the throat with a pungent peppery bite.
  • Vervana Black Label Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 375 ml bottle. Buttery and smooth with notes of fresh wheatgrass and fruit, this small batch 100% Arbosana organic olive oil is harmonious and round. It finishes in the throat with a distinctive peppery bite, milder than that of the koroneiki olive oil.

Smooth and delectable, this elegant set of organic extra virgin olive oils is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys exquisite olive oil. Each oil is a carefully crafted single-varietal and offers a unique and subtle flavor profile that is characteristic of the fresh-picked olives from which it is made. Ideal for scrumptious bread dipping, dressing salads with luscious flavor, and drizzling over meats, poultry and veggies as a succulent finish, these oils satisfy with the purity and flavor that only certified organic and certified extra virgin California olive oils can deliver. 




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