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8.45fl oz (250ml)

Aromatic, smooth and luscious with a delightful woodsy essence, this refreshing herbed olive oil is made by actually cold pressing fresh oregano sprigs with fresh olives. The result is a pure, heart-healthy olive oil that delivers powerful nutrients with a warm burst of herbaceous flavor. I love this oil drizzled over fish, chicken and steak, as well organic pasta with marinara sauce. It also pairs wonderfully with my olive oil dipping spices – as  both a bread dipping oil and the secret to transforming steamed veggies from okay to awesome!

While this “fused” method of crushing the olives with the oregano is more labor-intensive, I prefer it to ordinary olive oil flavor infusion processes because you really get an instant fusion of powerful fresh flavor and essential oils. As a cardiologist and nutritionist, I value the antioxidant health benefits that both olive oil and oregano bring to the table – and, as an Italian, I can’t get enough of the flavor – Mangiare!

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