A Blend of 9 Mexican Spices

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Mexican Spice Blend

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5oz (141g)

9 perfectly-combined, all-natural seasonings in a convenient, one-step jar, Mexican Spice Blend takes the guesswork out of creating delicious Mexican-inspired dishes. Fragrant and savory, it’s a unique mix of seasonings including cumin, chili and coriander. From tacos and fajitas, to soups and guacamole, this spice blend makes it a breeze to bring your favorite dishes to life with savory Mexican flavor.

Why I created this Mexican seasoning blend:

As a cardiologist, nutritionist and anti-aging specialist, I firmly believe that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of good health. One of the great secrets of healthy eating is to have the right seasonings on hand. 

I love making tacos and chili, and used to make my own Mexican seasoning blend at home using all the flavorings in this Mexican Spice Blend. Although it was time consuming and I had way too many spice jars in my cabinet, I knew I was getting a wholesome, all-natural blend.

When I tried shopping for pre-made taco seasoning mixes, I couldn’t find anything truly natural. Instead I saw ingredients on big-brand mixes that I really don’t want in my body – additives like maltodextrin, modified corn starch, tricalcium phosphate, autolyzed yeast extract, citric acid, caramel color and “natural flavor” (which may have started out as natural, but in the end is nothing but a bunch of chemicals). I also found potato starch, sugar, and corn flour on some of the labels. Since the vast majority of corn and sugar beets grown in the U.S. are GMO, I try to steer clear of these ingredients as much as I can.  

You won’t find any anything in my Mexican Spice Blend besides 9 pure, ground herbs and spices from nature, and a little rice concentrate (rice hulls ground into flour) to keep the spices from clumping together and forming a hard block.

Mexican foods can absolutely be a part of a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet when made with lots of nutrient- and fiber-rich ingredients like avocado, tomatoes, beans, veggies, wild-caught fish and organic or grass-fed meat. So, why compromise otherwise healthy food with artificial flavors and additives?

I’ve developed or hand selected all my Vervana products to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. And with Mexican Spice Blend, making healthy Mexican meals delicious is a snap!

Featured Mexican Spice Blend recipes:

From my heart to yours,

1 review for Mexican Spice Blend

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hall Starr

    The sample was just enough to make tacos for my family of four- my kids had double the tacos and I could smell the chile coming through when I was cooking. I made the tacos with lean ground turkey and it seemed like it added moisture to it. It might have just been me but the flavor made the meat juicier. I added myself to your mailing list, thank you Dr. Sinatra for including me in the free sample round, it was great to meet you in April.

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