Healthy Gourmet Food Gift

California Cold-Pressed Olive Oils

Organic, Nutritious, Vibrant Marinara

Gluten-Free High Protein-Pasta

Dr. Sinatra’s Gourmet Mediterranean Gift Set

The perfect gourmet food gift, this healthy, Mediterranean-diet inspired collection features two sumptuous cold-pressed olive oils of your choice, a savory blend of gourmet spices for dipping and seasoning, vibrant organic marinara sauce and organic red lentil pasta. Whether for date night or to show your appreciation during the holidays, this Mediterranean Gourmet Gift Set is a wonderful way to treat the health-conscious folks and foodies in your life to an adventure in luscious flavor. 


Mediterranean Gourmet Gift Set includes:

  • Choice of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 375 ml bottle. Black Label Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smooth and buttery with notes of wheatgrass and fruit. It finishes with a mild peppery bite. Koroneiki Olive Oil has a more robust, herbaceous flavor with accents of fresh grass and green banana, and has a stronger peppery finish.
  • Choice of Cold-Pressed Flavored Olive Oil – 1 250 ml bottle. Carefully crafted by cold-pressing fresh picked olives with fresh herbs, fruit or hot peppers, Vervana flavored olive oils offer nine bold ways to enjoy the rich health benefits of olive oil. Choices include basil, rosemary, garlic, oregano, lemon, blood orange, jalapeño-garlic, spicy jalapeño, and blazing habanero (very hot!).
  • Olive Oil Dipping Spice Blend – 1 5 oz jar – An exquisite mix of ten Italian herbs and spices specially created to pair with gourmet olive oil for veggie or bread dipping, also an outstanding all purpose Italian spice blend. 
  • Organic Marinara Sauce – 1 24 oz jar – Bursting with fresh, vibrant flavor, this sauce is made with all organic ingredients, including imported Italian tomatoes and garlic.  
  • Organic Red Lentil Strozzapreti pasta – 1 8.8 oz package – Hearty, organic and gluten-free, this red lentil pasta is packed with protein, and healthier than traditional pasta.  
  • Stainless steel pouring spout – This attractive spout conveniently pops into the olive oil bottle mouth for ease and fun when drizzling.
  • White ceramic dipping dish – Perfect for appetizers and snacking.