For the Love of Pasta Set

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This For the Love of Pasta set contains my Vervana organic red lentil pasta, organic marinara, cold-pressed rosemary flavored olive oil, and Tuscan spice blend, all imbued with authentic Italian flavor and perfect for enhancing your favorite dishes. Perfect for pasta night in a pinch, and for making a simple, healthy and flavor-packed meal.

For the Love of Pasta Set Includes:

Organic Gluten Free Red Lentil Pasta – organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, this red lentil strozzapreti pasta is delicious, not to mention a healthier way to enjoy pasta! Imported from Italy, this pasta is made from non-GMO lentils that were grown without synthetic pesticides.

Organic Marinara Sauce – made with imported Italian tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, this vibrant red sauce is sweetened only with organic carrots (no added sugar), and seasoned with the best organic herbs and spices – including a generous amount of garlic.

Californian Crushed Rosemary Olive Oil – made simply by crushing together fresh-picked olives with fresh rosemary it’s a natural, unfiltered oil boasting a distinctive rosemary flavor.  

Tuscan Spice Blend – A fusion of rosemary, oregano, fennel, garlic, black pepper, sel gris, and sweet basil perfect, this aromatic blend is a perfect marinade or spice rub for meats, fish, and chicken, and enlivens sauces, soups, and veggies with herbaceous flavor.






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