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California Olive Oil

100% Koroneiki Olive Oil

Koroneiki Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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12.6fl oz (375ml)

This high vibrational, single-varietal organic extra virgin olive oil owes its exquisite flavor to organic Koroneiki olives, renowned for delivering robust, fruity flavor with a bold, peppery finish. Bold and aromatic, this  small-batch Koroneiki olive oil has a rich, complex flavor that is accented by notes of fresh grass and green banana. It is smooth and herbaceous with a hint of bitterness, and finishes in the throat with a pungent peppery bite (which is indicative of higher antioxidant polyphenol content).

So Many Ways to Enjoy Vervana Koroneiki Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

As a cardiologist and anti-aging physician with strong Italian roots, I drizzle cold-pressed olive oil over just about everything to enhance my food with delicious flavor and heart-healthy nutrients. I particularly like to savor this Koroneiki organic extra virgin olive oil over freshly cut steaks, chicken, steamed veggies, soups, and pasta – a simple drizzle goes a long way, alone or with a few grinds of natural salt and pepper. For a spicy Italian kick, I pour a few tablespoons into a bowl and add a teaspoon or so of Vervana Olive Oil Dipping Spice Blend – it’s a dynamite combo for enlivening fresh steamed or raw veggies with mouthwatering flavor and texture, not to mention it’s outstanding for bread dipping!

Vervana Koroneiki Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also terrific on salads, whether to adorn delicate baby lettuces or heartier spinach and arugula medleys. It pairs perfectly with balsamic vinegar for a savory and luxurious salad vinaigrette, or with freshly squeezed lemon for a simple and refreshing citrus dressing. For more ways to enjoy organic extra virgin olive oil on salad, read Healthy, Delicious Salad Ideas with Olive Oil Dressing.

Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California

Certified organic by the CCOF and USDA, this California Koroneiki Cold-Pressed Organic Olive Oil is also certified by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) as being real extra virgin olive oil (yes, unfortunately there are some fakes out there – olive oils that are mixed with cheaper oils, but passed off as extra virgin). COOC Certification is a surefire way of knowing that you’re getting 100 percent extra virgin olive oil that is of the freshest, purest and highest quality.

The koroneiki olives in this small batch Vervana Organic Olive Oil were harvested in November, 2017, then cold-pressed, certified by the COOC, and bottled for your enjoyment in August – to your health!