Certified Organic Olive Oil

Olive Oil Certified as Extra Virgin

All-Natural Herbs and Spices

Includes Convenient Pouring Spout

Koroneiki Olive Oil Dipping Gift Set


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Koroneiki Olive Oil Dipping Gift Set includes:

  • White Label Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 375 ml bottle. Bold and aromatic, this koroneiki olive oil is carefully made by crushing fresh organic olives in small batches. Certified organic and certified as 100% extra virgin, it delivers nothing but clean, pure, heart-healthy olive oil nutrition. 
  • Olive Oil Dipping Spice Blend – 1 3.5 oz jar. Dr. Sinatra’s signature Olive Oil Dipping Blend is a mouthwatering medley of garlic, chili, oregano, sea salt, rosemary, sun dried tomatoes and more. Convenient and versatile, it can be enjoyed in so many ways!
  • Stainless Steel Pouring Spout – For ease of drizzling and high pouring.

Set a new bar with holiday giving, and treat that special hostess, friend, client or employee to an exceptional adventure in healthy flavor. It starts with a generous drizzle of our Organic Extra Virgin Koroneiki Olive Oil. Smooth, fruity, herbaceous, and clean, this robust koroneiki olive oil boasts notes of fresh grass and green banana. It carries a hint of bitterness, and has a pungent peppery finish to whet the appetite of olive oil connoisseurs and foodies alike.  Pop in the elegant stainless steel spout (included in set), and pour with gusto.

Next, we add a pinch or few of Olive Oil Dipping Spice Blend, a zesty blend of savory Italian herbs and spices designed for heavenly pairing with fresh cold-pressed olive oil. Mix to heart’s delight and enjoy extraordinary bread dipping. Or, elevate a bowl of steamed veggies to awesome by tossing in the dipping oil preparation with fresh mozzarella cheese bites. Whether as scrumptious appetizer or luscious party snack, this outstanding organic koroneiki olive oil with dipping spices set is sure to gratify – the perfect hostess, housewarming or corporate gift.