California Olive Oil

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Hot and Spicy Jalapeno Chili Flavor

Cold Pressed

Spicy Jalapeño Cold Pressed Olive Oil


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8.45fl oz (250ml)

Lusciously smooth and rich with a hot peppery finish, this premium, cold-pressed chili olive oil is a a healthy and delicious way to satisfy spicy food cravings. Not your ordinary chili infused oil, this jalapeño olive oil is flavored the “fused” way by crushing fresh olives and jalapeños together at the mill. The result is a vibrant, unfiltered, premium olive oil with authentic chili flavor and powerful antioxidant compounds. No preservatives or additives of any kind, and both the olives and jalapeños are cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides. A clean, pure flavored olive oil  you can feel good adorning your food with!

I love drizzling this oil over all sorts of foods when I’m in the mood for a hot and spicy kick, especially chilis, Mexican inspired dishes like fajitas and tacos, eggs and lightly steamed veggies like green beans and cauliflower.    

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