Vegan gourmet food gift set

Authentic, robust garlic flavor

Organic, marinara and high-protein pasta

No peeling or chopping!

Garlic Lover’s Gift Set


Garlic Lovers Set includes:

    • Cold-Pressed Garlic Olive Oil – 1 250 ml bottle –  Brings gusto to the table as an appetizer bread dipping oil, and as a luscious finishing touch on pasta, veggies, meats and more.
    • Olive Oil Dipping Spice Blend – 1 5 oz jar – An all-natural, zesty blend of 10 dipping spices and herbs – conveniently doubles as an all purpose seasoning blend.   
    • Organic Marinara Sauce – 1 24 oz jar – Bursting with fresh flavor and carefully crafted with all organic ingredients, including imported Italian tomatoes and garlic. 
    • Organic Red Lentil Strozzapreti pasta – 1 8.8 oz package – Hearty, organic and gluten-free, this pasta is packed with protein- the key to a healthier pasta night. 
    • Ceramic dipping oil dish

This Garlic Lovers gourmet food gift set is packed with savory garlic flavor and robust culinary possibilities, all without the hassle of peeling and chopping garlic.

The journey starts with Vervana Garlic Olive Oil, a luscious, small-batch olive oil authentically flavored by crushing together fresh-picked olives and garlic cloves. A sprinkling of Vervana Olive Oil Dipping Spice Blend adds an additional layer of zesty flavor. Voila – the ultimate veggie or bread dipping oil for garlic enthusiasts!

At the heart of this healthy gift set is Vervana Organic Marinara Sauce, which pairs perfectly with Vervana Organic Red Lentil Strozzapreti pasta. Organic and wholesome, this vibrant red marinara is sweetened only with carrots, no added sugars. A generous drizzle of Garlic Olive Oil is the perfect finishing touch on this hearty, main dish.




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