Olives cold-pressed with habanero peppers

No synthetic pesticides

California olive oil

VERY hot and spicy!

Blazing Habanero Cold Pressed Olive Oil


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8.45fl oz (250ml)

If you like SPICY – and I mean mouth-on-FIRE-hot – you’ll love this habanero chili flavored olive oil!

Not to be confused with your everyday infused chili oil, this gourmet habanero hot sauce is made the “fused”  or “crushed” way – by cold-pressing fresh habanero peppers with fresh olives during the olive crush. The result is an intense and immediate fusion of authentic flavors and nutrient-rich oils…extreme heat and spice in the form of luscious, heart-healthy olive oil. To boot, the olives and habaneros are grown sustainably, without synthetic pesticides. No shortcuts, artificial flavors, preservatives, or toxic chemicals here… just a premium, really hot habanero hot sauce made with cold-pressed olive oil.

Habanero Hot Sauce Uses

Featured recipe: Habanero Honey Chicken Tenders

When I need a serious spicy fix, I very conservatively drizzle (a little goes a long way) this hot chili oil over:

If you like a really hot hot sauce, this habanero chili oil is the go-to seasoning you’ve been looking for to liven up chicken, burgers, eggs, tacos, rice and beans, soups, veggies, salsas, bloody marys, and more. I think it’s the best hot sauce ever, and once you discover it’s powerful kick, you might just never leave home without it!