Sleep Grounding Mat for your Bed



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Are you ready for a better night’s sleep? Earthing your bed just got easier with Dr. Sinatra’s new Vervana Grounded Sleep Mat. This grounding mat keeps you connected to the Earth’s subtle, beneficial vibrational energy right from the comfort of your bed while you read, watch TV or sleep. No more washing your Earthing sheets, the Vervana Grounded Sleep Mat is made of a durable and soft leatherette material that is 100% conductive carbon and fits right under your fitted sheet!

Sleep grounding mat dimensions: 27″ x 72″

Why Dr. Sinatra recommends sleeping grounded: When you connect to the Earth, either by walking outside with your bare feet on the Earth’s surface (grass, sand, ocean, lake, dirt, or stone) or by connecting to a grounding device like this grounding mat while indoors, you get an infusion of the Earth’s natural electric energy. Absorbing the Earth’s energy is a process known as “Grounding” or “Earthing,” and it’s powerful stuff…It can restore and stabilize the bioelectrical circuitry that governs your physiology and organs, harmonize your basic biological rhythms, and more! Sleeping grounded gives you several consecutive hours of grounding, and many people report sleeping better with a grounding mat or sheet – an easy win-win!

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