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Dipping Essentials Olive Oil Gift Set

Just when you thought there’s nothing better than a loaf of freshly baked bread for noshing, we introduce this Dipping Essentials gift set with your choice of Vervana Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a jar of our Italian Seasoning & Dipping Blend for outstanding bread or veggie dipping… A rustic olive wood bowl and small olive wood spoon for scooping the dipping spices complete this lovely set.


Set Includes:

  • Choice of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – one 375 ml bottle. Both California EVOOs are certified organic and COOC-certified to ensure purity, freshness and exemplary flavor. Koroneiki EVOO is smooth, fruity and slightly bitter with floral notes, hints of ripe banana and a distinctive peppery finish. Black Label is an arbequina EVOO with a buttery, floral, and herbaceous flavor, and notes of cinnamon, green banana and green almond; it finishes in the throat with a milder peppery bite.
  • Italian Seasoning & Dipping Blend – 3.5 oz jar. A zesty medley of  ten herbs and spices designed for pairing with olive oil for savory dipping, it also shines as an all-purpose seasoning
  • Rustic Olive Oil Bowl – a rustic, handcrafted olive wood bowl with natural bark edges measuring approximately 4-5” long, 2-3” wide and 1-1.5” deep.
  • Olive Wood Spoona small, delicate spoon, carefully hand-crafted from a single piece of olive wood – just the right size for scooping spices out of a jar.
  • Gift Packaging – a white gift box stamped with our Vervana heart-tree logo, with all gift set items cushioned in eco-friendly, fine parchment paper shred with decorative ribbon and greenery.


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