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Rosemary Cold Pressed Olive Oil


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250 mL (8.45 FL OZ)

As a cardiologist and nutritionist, I love both olive oil and rosemary for the health benefits they each offer, so this delectable pairing is one of my personal favorites.

Distinguished and refreshing with notes of pine, this California cold-pressed rosemary flavored olive oil is a cut above your ordinary herb-infused oil. It is made by actually crushing fresh rosemary sprigs with fresh olives during the first cold press, a labor-intensive flavoring process known as the “crushed” or “fused” method. Cold pressing – the process which separates extra virgin olive oils from lesser quality oils – helps preserve the purity and nutritional value of this authentically flavored olive oil. Both the olives and rosemary are grown using organic farming practices, without synthetic pesticides, and you certainly won’t find any preservatives, additives or artificial flavors in this unfiltered, flavored olive oil.

The nature-conjuring notes of this luxuriously smooth rosemary olive oil heighten the experience of any food it’s paired with. I like it drizzled over grass-fed steak, wild caught fish, free-range chicken, humanely raised pork, rice, salads, steamed vegetables, and pasta with marinara sauce. Mangiare!

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