California Olive Oil

Cold Pressed

No Synthetic Pesticides

Blood Orange Cold Pressed Olive Oil


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8.45fl oz (250ml)

Smooth and buttery with a warm, sweet citrus essence, this exquisite California flavored olive oil is made the “agrumato” way by crushing fresh olives with fresh blood oranges during the first cold press. The result is a smooth, luscious, nourishing olive oil with a delightfully sweet citrus flavor. This clean and pure citrus flavored olive oil starts with sustainable, organic farming practices: both the olives and blood oranges are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, and the finished product is free of preservatives and additives of any kind. I love this special, delicate oil drizzled over a Caprese salad of sliced fresh mozzarella medallions and yellow cherry tomatoes on a bed of arugula. It also pairs beautifully with balsamic vinegar to create a special spinach salad dressing.