100% Organic Ingredients

Organic Italian Tomatoes

No Added Sugar

Less Salt than Many Brands

6 Jars of Dr. Sinatra’s Marinara Sauce

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This very special pasta sauce was created by Cardiologist, Nutritionist, and Anti-Aging Specialist Dr. Stephen Sinatra with optimum health in mind.  Carefully crafted in small batches with all organic ingredients, Vervana marinara brings vibrant, fresh-tasting flavor and nourishment to your pasta night.

Inspired by Dr. Sinatra’s Sicilian family recipe, Vervana marinara offers Mediterranean authenticity and vitally clean ingredients, including:

  • Organic tomatoes, imported from Italy
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil – the “secret sauce” of the Mediterranean diet
  • Organic carrots for sweetness – no added sugars!
  • Organic garlic and organic onions – for savory flavor with benefits
  • Organic sea salt and organic spices – less sodium than many other brands!

Made from the finest produce, herbs and spices, all grown the way Nature intended, this high vibrational marinara sauce comes to you without any chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs. Also free of artificial additives, preservatives or flavors, Vervana marinara is the perfect combination of purity and delectable fresh flavor.

“An exquisite tasting product that is clean, fresh, and deliciously and simply seasoned.” – Read the rest of blogger Terry Herman’s online review.

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