Olive Oils

Hand selected by Dr. Sinatra, a cardiologist, nutritionist, and anti-aging specialist, these small-batch California cold pressed olive oils give you eleven delicious ways to enjoy the health benefits of olive oil: two organic extra virgin olive oils to satisfy cravings for pure olive oil nutrition and flavor, and nine luscious flavored olive oils to delight your palate with variety.

Purity is our priority. All Vervana gourmet cold-pressed olive oils are made with fresh-picked olives that have been cultivated without synthetic pesticides. Our extra virgin olive oils are certified organic and COOC-certified, which means that they have passed a series of rigorous sensory and chemical tests to verify that they are pure extra virgin olive oils of the freshest and highest quality. Vervana flavored olive oils are produced on a family owned-and-operated farm, and are cold pressed the same way as extra virgin olive oil, except that the olives are also crushed with fresh fruits, herbs or hot peppers for authentic added flavors.

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