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Flavored Olive Oils, Endless Possibilities

Have you ever tried an olive oil so vibrant and fresh that your tastebuds were amazed? Vervana small-batch, crushed olive oils deliver on that promise of clean, healthy energy with incomparably delicious flavors.

Vervana was founded in 2016 by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist and anti-aging doctor, who learned through decades of practice that the single most important key to health and longevity is making healthy food choices. That’s why he hand-selected a line of cold-pressed flavored olive oils that contain as many health-supporting nutrients as possible.

Other olive oil manufacturers may heat their oils to infuse them with various flavors, a process which can damage antioxidant polyphenols in the oils. Vervana flavored olive oils are always made the “crushed” or “fused” way – by cold-pressing fresh-picked California olives with fresh herbs, fruits or hot peppers. Crushing the ingredients together in one fell swoop naturally and instantly mixes the oils to keep the antioxidants intact.

Dr. Sinatra personally scrutinizes all the ingredients that go into his Vervana food products for purity as well as nutritional value. All the olives, fruits, herbs and peppers in Vervana crushed olive oils are sustainably grown without the use of synthetic pesticides to meet his standards for clean, vibrant oils.

Vervana cold-pressed flavored olive oils take the guesswork out of healthy food choices and help you discover new inspiration for classic dishes. Available in six crushed flavors to satisfy your heart’s delight:

Pouring Basil over a Lime SaladBasil Cold-Pressed Olive Oil: Delightfully fresh-yet-sweet basil and freshly-picked California olives are crushed together in a stunning combination. Perfect drizzled over Caprese salad or fruit salad, for cooking eggs and for adding authentic herbal zing to pasta sauce.

Garlic Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Add gusto to any food without the chore of peeling and chopping garlic cloves! Try it on naked pasta to make a delicious dish, drizzled on sizzling grilled meat and veggies, whipped with balsamic vinegar for a classic salad dressing or as a dipping oil mixed with Vervana Olive Oil Dipping Spice Blend.

Using Vervana lemon flavored olive oil with wild caught fish in marinara sauce with capersLemon Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Smooth citrus sunshine. Bright lemon adds a sunny twist when cold-pressed with fresh California olives and enhances the natural flavors and nutritional goodness of your favorite foods. Drizzle on lightly-steamed veggies, salads, soups, baked chicken and seafood or mixed into a Dijon vinaigrette for a delectable citrus kick.

Blood Orange Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Fresh, juicy blood oranges crushed with just-picked California olives create a smooth, buttery olive oil with a hint of sweet citrus. Add a note of intrigue to roasted beets, baked chicken, seared scallops, or Caprese salad with arugula and yellow tomatoes. Pair with balsamic vinegar to create an unforgettable dressing for spinach salad.

Rosemary Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Just-harvested rosemary sprigs and California olives are crushed together to create a purely delectable oil with extra health benefits. Heighten the experience of any food you pair it with, from grass-fed steak, wild-caught fish, free-range chicken and humanely-raised pork to rice, salads, vegetables, soups and pastas.

Jalapeño Garlic Cold Pressed Olive Oil:  Fresh jalapeño peppers and garlic cloves crushed with just-harvested California olives are a spicy dream team that livens up your veggies, pasta, eggs, tacos, fajitas and meats with lusciously hot, robust flavor.

What Our Customers are Saying…

“Very fragrant without having an overbearing taste. Great drizzled over cauliflower rice or spiralized vegetable noodles.” -Sharon P.

“Love all of your Products. Olive Oil is great!” -Laura G.

“A delicious way to infuse garlic & olive oil into many dishes.” -Hubbard P.

“Very tasty. Wanted an olive oil that added a little more to fish, very nice!” -Rebecca

“Absolutely amazing taste. Instantly adds a kick of flavor to anything and everything you can think of.” -Jason

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Rosemary Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Distinguished flavor with refreshing pine notes.


Lemon Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Smooth citrus sunshine.


Garlic Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Robust and packed with garlic power.


Jalapeño Garlic Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Dynamite spice duo of fresh jalapeño and garlic.

cold-pressed Vervana blood orange flavored olive oil


Blood Orange Cold Pressed Olive Oil

A delicate, warm citrus kiss.

cold-pressed Vervana basil flavored olive oil$20.00

Basil Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

Delightfully fresh, summer in a bottle.

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