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7 Ways to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

In my four-plus decades of practicing medicine, I’ve learned that the things you do every day all eventually add up, and can “make or break” your health. Here are seven steps you can take each day to get healthy and stay healthy.

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5 Things to Know Before Buying Olive Oil

Between its rich monounsaturated fatty acid content and its vitamin, antioxidant and polyphenol potential, olive oil offers premium quality nutrition for your body and heart. Some olive oils, however, are simply better than others. By following these 5 guidelines, you can make sure your olive oil is of the best quality and the healthiest it can be:

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Delicious, Healthy Salads with Olive Oil Dressing

When building a great salad, let color lead the way! A salad can be one of the healthiest dishes in your diet – or it can be a diet nightmare! Whether it’s a hit or a miss depends largely on what toppings and dressings you pick. Here is a guide to making your salad choices the best that they can be!

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