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Calamari Fra Diavolo Recipe

A zesty Italian dish, Calamari Fra Diavolo is my favorite way to enjoy heart-healthy squid, which I’ve recommended for years as one of the best sources of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. Although I usually only eat Calamari Fra Diavolo in restaurants, I received some fresh squid in a recent fish delivery and decided…why not try it at home with my Vervana Organic Arrabbiata Sauce? I added carrots and celery to the onion sauté for more veggie crunch, but you could easily omit these ingredients. While many people enjoy Calamari Fra Diavolo over pasta (as in my recipe below), others simply eat... Continue Reading

Refreshing Watermelon Salads

A refreshing afternoon snack or lighter side for off-the-grill favorites, this watermelon salad with feta brings zingy summer sweetness to the picnic table and is also good for you. Watermelon supports lung, heart, prostate and breast health – the redder the watermelon, the better!

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Easy Veggie Curry with Quinoa

Well worth the 45 minutes of prepping and cooking time, this veggie curry with quinoa dish is a healthy, nourishing meal you can feel GREAT about enjoying. Click to get recipe…

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Flour Power – A Guide to Different Types of Flours

Just a few decades ago, grocery store aisles carried only wheat flours. Today, there are dozens of gluten-free substitutes for white flour. Even better, most of them are far more nutritious and pretty easy to substitute if you understand each flour’s unique properties…

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Al’s American Goulash à la Vervana

One of the perks of developing your own food line is being able to share your “finds” and “creations” with family and friends. Since starting Vervana, my holiday gifting has switched from organic pears to my own organic fares. So, it feels much more like my holiday and all-occasion gift giving are more like sharing a piece of health, heritage, home and my family’s traditions. And cooking and serving our favorite dishes at home is...well, it’s what makes home, “Home”, right? With first-generation Italian dad “Charlie” in our New York kitchen, I was always front-and-center at the counter watching my... Continue Reading

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipes

After hearing what seemed like endless praises of chocolate olive oil cakes, we finally gave in and tried these three cakes with Vervana Black Label EVOO and Blood Orange Flavored Olive Oil …a Dark Chocolate Almond Olive Oil Cake, a Mocha Coconut Olive Oil Cake and a Blood Orange Chocolate Hazelnut Olive Oil Cake…Boy, were they good!

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Vegan Veggie & Mushroom Tacos

Whether for meatless Monday, taco Tuesday or any random day, veggie tacos are always a terrific bet! In these two vegan recipes with vegetarian options, zucchini, black beans and shitake mushrooms are the shining stars. However, you can use any veggies you like!

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Easy Spaghetti Squash Parmesan

We’re always looking for new ways to enjoy our products, and when Greg and Jen DeMarco of Connecticut shared with us this Spaghetti Squash Parmesan recipe made with Vervana Organic Marinara Sauce, we got excited to make it ourselves…Because not only is it healthy, but simple-to-make and delicious! It quickly became a family favorite and might just become so for you too. Serves 2.

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Healthier Holiday Roast Chicken Dinner

Looking for a small, but festive meal to enjoy with family or friends around the holidays? This simple roast chicken dinner is easy to prepare and is also kid-friendly with variations to suit different flavor preferences. Made with organic or sustainably-produced, whole food ingredients, It’s also healthier than most holiday fare!

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Our 10 Favorite Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil

I eat olive oil with a lot of foods, and my Vervana team and other family members have also opened my eyes to ways of using olive oil that I hadn’t thought of before…and I now enjoy these occasionally or often, depending on how healthy they are. It’s fun sharing food ideas – I hope you like our olive oil favorites list!

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